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As crypto 2019 continues to rise, it can a bit tricky to choose what digital currency to invest in. There are different kinds of cryptocurrencies out there that are traded in various ways and use different algorithms.

As bitcoin is considered the biggest digital currency in the market, some digital currencies have been gaining momentum and could possibly reach the status of being the next bitcoin or even more.

Hottest Crypto 2019: 5 Coins That Could Surpass Bitcoin Soon

  1. Ripple

Ripple (XRP) is among the emerging digital currencies in the market that shows a lot of growth potential. It’s one of the best cryptocurrency 2019 to invest in, despite being only partially decentralized compared to other cryptocurrencies that are fully decentralized.

Ripple is here to stay and with its wider application, especially as it has long been adopted in banks other financial institutions. Plus, Ripple also provides the most competitive transaction rates with the lowest transaction fees.

  1. Ethereum

A lot of experts believe that Ethereum is going to take over the spot that bitcoin currently holds in the near future. Since it first started in 2013, Ethereum has already tracked very optimistic gains, recording over 40x growth rate for the last two years.

Although Ethereum is currently a blue-chip digital coin still, it’s among the best crypto for 2019 to invest in. If there is one digital currency that could make it, Ethereum has all the potential. It has already gone beyond 1000% since it was first launched and still shows it can gain another 1000% in the next few months.

  1. Monero

Although cryptocurrency can be private, it’s not anonymous. All transactions you made using your crypto wallet can be seen by the public. Because of this, the black market looked for ways to get around this through a software that mixes coins with the others. But, that software needs to build on trust and Monero has it bagged, which makes it perfect for the black market.

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Monero was first launched in April 2014, with the team relying on donations for further development. And since the darknet market has adopted this digital currency, it had gained a lot of growth boost and is expected to continue with an upward trend.

  1. Stellar

Stellar is also among the best crypto 2019 list with its impressive blockchain technology that offers one of the fastest processing times. Plus, this crypto has also shifted its focus on big banks, seeking out multinational businesses.

  1. Golem

This crypto is run by a couple of Polish programmers and was built using the Ethereum blockchain. Currently, Golem is on its way to becoming the most powerful decentralized supercomputer in the entire world that can process anything. It has unlimited use cases that can be leveraged by all industries, a must-have for any investor.


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