4 Reasons You Shouldn’t Be Scared To Invest in Bitcoin

So, you have a hundred bucks in your pocket and you want to double its value. Like a real lifesaver, a tech-savvy friend of yours introduced you to the concept of Bitcoin. He said it’s digital money and its value is bound to grow in the coming years. You trust your friend, but investing in Bitcoin is a different and terrifying thing. You are unsure if it’s really as stable as your friend claims it to be.

To support your friend’s claim, here are reasons you ought to shove your fear away and trust Bitcoin a little more:

  1. Bitcoin is the future of money.

While you’re reading this, the world is continuously changing. It includes the evolution of money and the financial system from traditional to a digital/computer-based one. It may not seem so obvious at first, but this process, although slow, is certainly happening at this very moment. Soon, there will be no need for banks anymore because like the Bitcoin system, all transactions will finally be done via computer or any smartphones.

  1. Bitcoin is better than fiat money.

Fiat money, or the currency recognized worldwide by various states and governments, is prone to manipulative activities. It also follows the traditional banking system where money supply is reliant to the verdict of the government and other banking institutions. However, investing in Bitcoin means gaining immunity to manipulation. It is much like gold because it’s scarce. Meaning, it can’t be produced out of thin air unless people discover how to think like its anonymous creator, Satoshi Nakamoto.

  1. Bitcoin is now recognized by many establishments.
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Right now, you can already purchase countless products and services online just by using Bitcoin. It’s a legit sign that investing in Bitcoin cryptocurrency is indeed getting more and more popular among businesses worldwide. You simply need a Bitcoin wallet and, of course, Bitcoins to make your hassle-free transactions.

  1. Bitcoin has big-shot investors.

When Satoshi Nakamoto allowed the very first Bitcoin mining in 2009, only a few people were enticed by it. A man even bought a pizza using 11 Bitcoins, unaware that he just lost millions because right now Bitcoin price has risen dramatically. Apart from this unknown man, big-time celebrities and businessmen including Bill Gates, Chamath Palihapitiya, the Winklevoss twins, Paris Hilton, and many other also are investing in Bitcoin.


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