Dubai, 2019 – Bither group announced Singapore cruise trip 2019 where anybody can buy BIC from BitherX platform and they will be awarded a free Singapore cruise trip in July 2019 at their another big event.

Bither group at Dubai announced an update regarding Singapore trip to new community members who bought Starting from $2500 BIC from their BitherX platform based on plans, those members will be welcoming with a Singapore cruise trip at without charging a penny. Currently BIC price rising day by day and already it’s raised more than 300% since its launched. Crypto market predictors also mentioned that BIC will boom in future. Bither group also giving many benefits to their members. Each community member can use any of their service or products and can use BIC for it. They can also buy household items, clothes, electronics and many more from shoppinghungama . Recently Bithergroup launched MasterCard so community members can use it anywhere in the world, it is more safe and secure crypto card ever.

As a Cryptocurrency, BitherCash is a transparent crypto coin with an open source code. Blockchain and Independent wallets that can be downloaded for both Android and iPhone users.

Registered with the Government of Dubai and having their Head offices in Dubai, the UAE company owners are at the forefront of it all. Their vision is to be on the Top 5 cryptocurrencies in the next years. “Cryptocurrencies by nature are volatile. In the midst of this volatility BitherCash will prove to be a force of calmness!“ can be read in their Website. www.BitherCash.Club

But, far beyond, BitherCash has become more that just a crypto coin. BitherCash has evolved to a Real Diversification Ecosystem of robust platforms.

80% out of 15 projects, are working with full potential to help people learn more about cryptocurrency and making possible real usability opportunities.

“A fully working platform is part of the Ecosystem. Shopping Hungama, is the 1st eCommerce Platform accepting Crypto at Blockchain,” said Dr. Zafar, Co-Founder & CEO of BitherCash.

Any person can visit and buy any product from over 800,000 online shops and over 100 million products, such as apparel, electronics, home appliances, Real Estate properties, automobiles and more.

“This shows that BitherCash, is more than just a cryptocurrency or a group of projects. BitherCash is a robust ecosystem of platforms and programs working together towards a better and secure future via principles of pure staking.” Dr. Zafar added.

Staking Reward program complements the ecosystem by giving up from 1.5 to 8% monthly benefits to the community members. According to their consultancy packages at, in the near future, the Network Marketing program will be bundled to offer the potential of $20,000 daily earnings and the possibility of becoming a shareholder of BitherCash to those members who reach the President or Crown Ambassador memberships.

To ensure the price protection, the Ecosystem Independent BitherX Exchange, facilitates buying and withdrawal through BTC.

Just as Real Estate properties can be acquired on the Bither Group e-commerce platform, BitherHomes has been integrated to the group of business to be the backbone of BitherCash and a Star in the Bither Ecosystem where a Token is coming in the future.

“Starting from Dubai, many real estate physical projects will give stability to BitherCash Value. If people want to buy or sell any property in Dubai, BitherHomes, as a service to the community, will help people to buy or sell properties”, said BitherCash Co-founder, Dr. Zafar.

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Also, FIFAME, a Film & Fashion Entertainment Company has partnered Bither Group to be part of these Multimillion Dollar Ecosystem.

The community will find a special interest at the Ecosystem Charity ProjectBitherCash CEO and Co-Funder pointed that: “In order to give back and generate social impact, Bither Group will share profit for health and education projects to the most needed through the Bither Voice Foundation.”

BitherCash also has included some upcoming projects into their timeline:

Bither Dairy Farms will combine the wonders of the BlockChain technology with age-old dairy farming and agriculture to provide full transparency and non-repudiation of eventual sale of dairy products.

“We at BitherCash are planning to implement a long-term milk production from over 1,000 Australian and Danish Cows. This Dairy farm will span over 100,000 Acres and will be equipped with all optimal dairy farming techniques.”, pointed some of the BitherCash Directory members.

Once Bither Dairy Farms project is rolled out and successfully running, the next logical thing in our plan is to market it via a Dairy Coin that will be known as BitherDairy Coin. This coin will make possible to users to take advantage of all the benefits that Bither Dairy Farms will bring them. “Eventually, this coin will also be listed to BitherX along with multiple external changes, providing users with invaluable liquidity option.” said CEO, Dr. Zafar.

And, by the end of 2019, BitherCash plans to open their ATM program, starting mainly from South East Asia to be expanded to all corners of the globe. BitherCash Forexservices are also scheduled to commence later this year providing unheard gains to all its members.

Recently, through a successful social media campaign, Bither Group announced the  Singapore cruise trip in July 2019. During the Gala, people will learn in detail how the Bither Group of Companies work, and what, the Ecosystem, will do to generate positive impact to create a better future to its community members, but not only that. BitherCash will be revealing a new surprise to all its community.

To support all the programs and platforms, BitherCash also plans to deliver a Debit Card power by MasterCard for all their members. These cards will be valid throughout the world wherever Mastercard cards are accepted. “Any/All commissions earned will now be readily available on our member’s Debit Card at the click of a single button and will provide them the Freedom that they deserve to use their capital as per their desire.” – Dr. Zafar mentioned with obvious excitement.

People attending the Gala, will also learn about the rest of the Ecosystem projects, such as Bither Forex and BitherCash ATM services, Hard Fork, the addition of the Top 100 crypto coins to the BitherX Exchange platform, and other future projects with the potential of creating a revolution to change the lives of thousands of people.

Disclosure: This is a sponsored press release

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