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Crypto Casino Affiliate Program Reviews

Crypto gambling and affiliate programs of a crypto casino is a detailed guide along the vertical, which will help you to understand the current state of affairs and specifics. 

This is a relatively new niche, the main difference of which from the usual affiliate programs is that it has a much greater freedom of choice and action. So, what are the advantages, in theory and in practice.

1. There are no restrictions on geo in theory. In fact, there is still. First of all – in the USA, Great Britain, France and Holland. Therefore, even if it is written in the terms of the offer – Worldwide, carefully read the description.

2.Tax evasion for players.

3.Avoiding Paypal and other similar payment systems. For the bourgeoisie is the main argument in favor of the choice of cryptocasin. As it is not necessary to report and be afraid of fiscal and other bodies.

4.Anonymity. The point above is about the same.

5. Bitcoin deposits and other “digital”.

6. Possibility of withdrawal not only at BTC, ETH, etc., but also with fiat money. Depends on the offer itself.

7.Payments – instant.

8.Gives a competitive advantage when it comes to work in those countries where there are severe restrictions on ordinary gambling.

9.In addition, from a purely psychological point of view, it is much easier to play for virtual money, the value of which, in comparison with ordinary life, is not so obvious. And to bet, and lose 

  • Less restrictions. 
  • No tax issues. 
  • Increased rates.

Safety and quick payouts

It provides security when transferring funds and payments – in terms of data publicity. 

The only information that the system itself knows directly is email and wallet number. And all this in this case is impersonal, which is very attractive for the players themselves. 

Unlike the usual methods of payment, where there may be delays of up to several days, the cryptocurrency arrives almost instantly. Won – immediately received. 

Fraud protection

Here, the probability of fraud on the part of affiliates is minimized to the limit, which will be glad to any expert in traffic arbitration, which is always expensive. Accordingly, the conversion rate grows, if the subjective factors mentioned above are removed. 

In crypto gambling, everything revolves around numbers: no magic – only numbers. This also attracts attention in terms of security and enhancement of funds. However, the risks are present, as shown by the recent practice of the Bitcoin collapse. However, there are ethers (ETH), a more stable cryptocurrency, which does not experience insane spikes and falls.

Reduced competition

This is a relatively new trend in the market, and competition is lower here. The reasons are quite simple – not everyone wants to risk something new to him, preferring the well-known. 

Most of them talk about beaten tracks, scaling and playing with creatives, mastering new sources of traffic and geo. 

You have a chance to experiment in a new direction. Perhaps this is where you are waiting for a good salary. Indeed, in the world of gambling spinning more than 110 billion dollars, according to statistics for the last year. 

Given that cryptocurrency is becoming everyday, then very soon the competition in the crypto gambling niche will grow significantly. It is just a matter of time. And, apparently, a relatively small gap. Have time to seize the opportunity.