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Crypto Exchange Affiliate Program Reviews

Becoming a Cryptocurrency / Bitcoin affiliate is an intelligent move. It’s a big thing at this moment, so I just thought that I would put together a guide for on all the crypto currency exchange affiliate programs.

People have been purchasing,mining, investing, and earning Bitcoins since 2010.  Adding-in to the exchanging of these crypto currencies, A lot of companies are willing to offer exchange affiliate programs for making extra money. So joining the bitcoin affiliates will give you the potential to give rise to a one time or lifetime passive income for each and every person you directly send to their website for registration or trading.

These sites pay for the digital marketing for your referrals and you can easily make money by sending the customers to them. Not only the  referrals drive the traffic to their site yet they also can provide the earnings to grow their brand and company. When your referrals go to the site and  register or invest, you will start to earn money.

When the one-time payments can be a great thing, the lifetime commission offers you inducement on each and every trade your referrals in the future. 

So I have reviewed some of the crypto exchange affiliate programs and I have listed them. Check out this article to know more about these crypto exchange affiliate programs.

The initial step here is to sign up for the websites and then give them your PayPal or bitcoin address. After you register, they would allocate you a unique promo code or URL. After that you can simply start posting these on your site, on social networking sites or in your email marketing campaigns. Many referrals of yours would come from your family and friends who are ready to join this bitcoin revolution.


This is the worlds largest exchange which has Ethereum (ETH),Bitcoin (BTC), , USDT and Binance Coin (BNB) trading pairs. 

The commission of Binance for referred users for an unlimited time is 20% fees.


This is the  most famous future trading exchange and it offers a very high leverage for the margin trading.

The commission of BitMEX for referred users indefinitely is  10% fees. The person whom you refer would also get a 10% discount on fees for six months.


This is one of the popular exchange known for the listing of  new coins. This platform at present supports the ETH,BTC,USDT and ICO trading pairs.

The commission of HitBTC for referred users indefinitely is 50% of fees.


This affiliate program is a original peer-to-peer Bitcoin exchange. The paying methods can be done with Direct Deposit, Moneygram, Interac e-transfer, PaysafeCard, Wester Union, Credit Card, PayPal and Cash.

The commission of LocalBitcoins for referred users for 3 month is  40% of the fees.


This  allows the users to buy and sell the Bitcoins with a Paypal account,credit card and more throughout Europe.  

The commission of Bitpanda for  every referred users registers is €2.50.


The Coinbase is feasible  and a reliable online platform. You can simply buy, sell, store and transfer digital currency. You can buy using  Bitcoin Cash (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Bitcoin (BTC), and Litecoin (LTC)

The commission of Coinbase is  $10 only after the referred user spends $100.


This is a global bitcoin payment service provider. This allows the business to process the cryptocurrency transactions in real time.

The commission of BitBay for referred users first deposit  is 20% of the fees.


This is the biggest Chinese exchange which has the Ethereum (ETH), Bitcoin (BTC) and USC trading pairs.

The commission of the CoinEgg for the referred users is  30% of fees.


This is one of the few exchanges which allows you to buy the digital currency with credit cards.

The commission of the Coinmama for the referred users is 10% of fees.