Forces Seize Ponzi Fraudsters Who Scam for Cryptocurrency

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ARIZONA, United States – Two infamous men from Arizona were arrested by the police after supporting unlawful activities. These men, who scam for cryptocurrency, operated a venture what’s worth $1,000,000.

Tokens are slowly becoming a common drill in the sports segment internationally. Since the cryptocurrency market has bad performers in the emerging field, rip-offs don’t come by shock to many. In line with it, two Arizona men were seized by the police after doing prohibited activities as they operate their Ponzi business, which is worth $1,000,000. The Ponzi project disturbed famous baseball players.

A different delectably sickening scam in the cryptocurrency domain occurred. It appears that the coordinators of the Cryptocurrency Ponzi system launched as Zima Digital will witness their penalty.

The scammers were from Arizona, United States, and these are named John M. Caruso and Zachary Salter. In the late 20s, these scammers fooled more than 100 depositors on about $7.5 million in the recent 18 months. Moreover, some of these scammers’ prey were several popular baseball players, along with their people.

The accused established a digital currency fundraising venture debuted as Zima Digital Assets (ZDA). These suspects took advantage of the funds of its business capitalists to enable reckless values of living. Moreover, it stated non-existent revenues.

The American Secret Services imprisoned the crooked duo at the end of January. Caruso was hailed as “Kryp+0K!ng.” Furthermore, he named himself as the “Michael Jordan” when it comes to cryptocurrency trading.

It appears that the pair have no doubts about utilizing the funds of other people to sustain their extravagant way of living. Both of these suspects reside in private manors that are worth over $9 million.

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Even though Caruso shared the gain he received in the year 2018, the reported revenue was worth $228,000. In agreement, he’s the tallied holder of the 2019 Lamborghini Urus, which is worth $200,000.

According to the United States or the US Department of Justice accuser, Caruso spent $350,000 more on luxury car rentals, which includes an Aston Martin, a Rolls Royce, and a Ferrari.

Caruso has a fondness for riding private jets, and his favorite places include Aruba, Cabo San Lucas, Dubai, Hawaii, London, and Cabo San Lucas. Moreover, he managed to drop about $1.4 million in Las Vegas.

Despite their young ages, these two suspects had partaken in other disagreeable digital asset transactions. Their numerous criminal records include digital asset extortion, coercion, falsification, backing in an illicit association, and money laundering. Furthermore, these used to fascinate and encourage other people through their social media accounts to invest in the Ponzi organization.



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