The сrypto сommunity is not strange to blockchain-enabled smartphones. Basically, these are upgraded crypto wallets running on p2p networks instead of servers owned by tech companies. Their main purpose is to protect your cryptocurrency and facilitate operations with them.

The idea of crypto-focused handset already knows several implementations, often much-touted: Samsung Galaxy S10, Exodus 1 by HTC, Finney by Sirin Labs. Cursory browsing, though, shows that few of these succeed at massive sales. Moreover, the teams admit that they previously overestimated their products’ success, and now some of them are reportedly taking to reduce staff.

Nevertheless, the technological race of blockchain-powered devices started, with yet another challenger, this time German-based, joining the competition. Similar to its competitors on the market, IMpulse K1 Smartphone appeared not from scratch but based on the background of the company, which initially had nothing to do with mobile devices or even cryptocurrency.

Initially one of the world’s leading retailers of tiny gold items, Stuttgart-based company Karatbars International joined the trend of tokenization and embarked on developing its own infrastructure to allow the new-born KaratGold Coin (KBC) to be easily circulated. Being one of the components of software and hardware solutions, the newborn smartphone with blockchain capabilities has passed a series of presentations and is now preparing for the first shipments in September 2019, according to the project’s road map.

So, what is new with this handset?

First and foremost, its developers focus on user security and data protection adjusted by loads of cutting-edge solutions. Voice Over Blockchain Protocol (VOBP) allows users to communicate fully encrypted. Documents, invoices, text and voice messages and any other data are sent peer-to-peer and end-to-end enciphered, thereby minimizing third-party intervention.

With the IPFS platform any information is getting saved and encrypted through decentralized storage based on the blockchain technology. As a result, there’s no need to worry about third parties monitoring your actions, as the peer-to-peer encryption cannot be hacked or manipulated. An array of additional features – such as Electronic Warfare Transmitted Location (EWTL) and the Worm Guard technology – set to protect user whereabouts and private keys.

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Decentralized services allow the user to store and spend both fiat and cryptocurrency through several customizable wallets. You can create wallets for automatic payments or family purchases, with access for each member, that is why the device can serve several users. In addition, the device allows you to use multiple phone numbers, without changing the SIM card. Say you use a work number in the office, and personal one on the weekend, thereby getting rid of unnecessary stress in your leisure time.

Concerning the availability of the gadget, it rather belongs to the luxury category (so one should not expect the device to be cheap), as one can conclude looking through the official website. There you can find specifications of the new smartphone, as well as a description of three varieties made from gold, aluminum, carbon or titanium, depending on the model chosen. Apparently, the manufacturer focused primarily on the protection function, both digital and physical.

Then, starting in September, we will probably be able to check out whether the pedantic German approach will lead to the appearance of a gadget truly safe as armor. Either way, the project is worth exploring.

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