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December 3rd, 2018 – NullTX has announced the dissolution of the partnership with Nullex. After announcing the partnership in October 15th, the relationship is terminated due to team differences.

As a result of this termination, NullTX will no longer be accepting NLX for any of its ad packages. Furthermore, Nullex will no longer be maintaining masternodes on behalf of NullTX. Lastly, Marat Arguinbaev – the Founder of NullTX – will no longer be an advisor to the Nullex Core team.

On Twitter, Erik F Co-founder & COO of Nullex said: “Just to confirm that the dissolution of the partnership was decided by Nullex Core team due to the lack of engagement provided by NullTX during the trial period. We wish you all the best for the future”

NullTX further confirms that part of the reason for the termination of the partnership was due to differences in each team’s expectations.

About NulleX

Nullex is a privacy centric cryptocurrency which is a fork of PIVX. It recently released the DMRS upgrade for masternode holders. According to coinmarketcap, Nullex is currently valued at $0.009 with a total market cap of $390,395 USD.

About NullTX

NullTX aka Null Transaction, is a cryptocurrency news site originally founded in 2014. According to Alexa, it has over 500k monthly pageviews, and it ranks in the top 17k most popular sites in the US.

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