3 Things No One Ever Told You About TRON Cryptocurrency

There are many types of cryptocurrencies in the market that have been expanding and flourishing since the advent of digital monetary. Cryptocurrency is online money that you can use for the transfer of funds or exchange of goods or services. One of the newest and booming kinds of cryptocurrencies is TRON.

To further understand the concept of this cryptocurrency, here are 3 things you might have not known about TRON:

1. History and Development

TRON was founded in 2017 by one of Forbes’ 30 Under 30 candidates, CEO Justin Sun. The team is based in Singapore and operates as a non-profit organization that adheres to transparency and fairness.

Before 2017 ended, Justin Sun collaborated with China’s giant e-commerce which has, since, been using Tronix, its official cryptocurrency name. On January 2018, Sun announced his partnership with Baofeng, also known as the Chinese Netflix. It has more than 200 million subscribers and has 8 billion Chinese yuan in the stock exchange.

Also known by its code TRX, Tronix has been spiking high since its first launch. From $0.0020, it skyrocketed to $10 billion in January 2018, beating other types of cryptocurrencies.

2. The Upcoming Launch of the MainNet Protocol

The team has been putting efforts into building a solid base which will help implement the full network. The first phase is called Exodus, one of the six stages of the MainNet protocol. The team will be test launching by the first quarter of the year. It means that the value of Tronix is still relatively low. However, once MainNet is released, the market value will rapidly change depending on the success of the event.

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3. Marketing Strategies and Community Engagement

The primary objective of the foundation is to create an ecosystem that benefits the whole entertainment media. Simply put, they aim to cut out these egocentric businessmen who claim all the profit for themselves, leaving the actual creators behind. When a user engages into the TRON blockchain, he gets paid for what he creates. The price depends on how viral the content is. Every like, clap or up-vote will be credited to his account.

The team has two main purposes: the micro and the macro. The micro goal serves as a solution for decentralizing entertainment contents. The macro goal is to shape how people view the Internet as a platform for global social interaction by forming a decentralized ecosystem.


Tronix is becoming one of the fastest growing digital money on the Internet. In less than five months, the team has amassed some investors and partnerships with big companies. Some people dismiss their vision as impossible, even mocking them as “shill coin”.

Its humble beginnings have paved the way for a lot of recent financial expansions. The upcoming launch of MainNet will change the game of cryptocurrency trading. The market has so much potential to grow and this can happen anytime soon. Despite these, and with the TRON team still in its early stages of development, who knows what the future holds for those who are bold enough to dream big.


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