6 Crypto Assets Not Rising as Quickly as Bitcoin

Even though all major currencies seem to be on the mend once again, the market is responding in funny ways. While most currencies are in double-digit gains, some other assets are struggling to stay in the green. The following six projects are currently struggling, primarily because they can’t gain in either BTC or USD value.

Bitcoin Cash SV

It was somewhat to be expected the Bitcoin Cash SV price would not necessarily respond kindly to this new uptrend. This altcoin tends to rise when Bitcoin is struggling badly, yet can’t catch a break when the situation improves. There is still a net double-digit percentage loss in BTC value for BCHSV, and one that will not be overcome anytime soon.


Although one would expect big things from Tezos, the price has not necessarily responded in kind. This token has been battered well before the market onslaught began last week and is somewhat slow to recover. A net 7.5% gain in USD value is a promising start, but it pales in comparison to most other currencies on the market.

Bitcoin Diamond

Another clone of Bitcoin, Bitcoin Diamond also tends to rise when Bitcoin itself is bleeding value. This is a very peculiar trend in the cryptocurrency world, although it is not necessarily something to pay too much attention to either. Over the past 24 hours, BTCD has gained just 7%, which is lower than one would expect to see.


Although Revain is a bit of a mysterious altcoin to most people, it has gone through numerous pump phases recently. As such, it is not gaining all that much now that the momentum has gotten really bullish. A nice 6% increase is still nothing to sneeze at, but it is not necessarily the gain most people are looking for at this time.

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Another altcoin recently enjoying a hefty price increase, Nexo is something cooling off right now. With its trading volume, a further price increase should certainly be possible, but it is not happening as of yet. The current 8.3% increase is a promising start, though, but a push to $0.12 might be a stretch too far at this time.

Huobi Token

Although exchange tokens always seem to follow their own trend, it is safe to say Huobi Token is not enjoying the current uptrend all that much. Although there is nearly a 9% net gain, it is one of the currencies not rising as spectacularly as all others. As such, one has to wonder how this will play out moving forward.

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