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  • TKO rose by 100% on reports of the acquisition of Tokocrypto by Binance 

  • The cryptocurrency has slid by 28% since forming a local top at $0.57

  • TKO could correct to $0.34

Toko (TKO/USD) token is attracting buyers. With a surge of 100%, it may be too late to buy TKO now. But when an opportune moment comes, you could snap the token, thanks to positive cryptocurrency news.

The gains in TKO come amid reports that Binance is acquiring the Indonesian crypto exchange Tokocrypto. We know that Binance is the world’s biggest crypto exchange. Thus, any approach to acquisition is likely to build optimism. TKO, the native token, reacted to the news, rising sharply from $0.283 to $0.57.

Binance is particularly interested in Tokocrypto since it is locally regulated. It is the first entity to be registered under Indonesia’s Commodities Futures Trading Regulatory Agency. Binance already holds an investment in the Indonesian exchange since 2020.

But the sharp gains in TKO may prove difficult to hold, at least for now. As of press time, TKO traded at $0.42, a decline of 28% from its local high. The trading volume had also fallen sharply and was only up 2.99%. However, to an investor monitoring the positive developments of Tokocrypto with Binance, TKO should remain on the waitlist.

TKO corrects but is yet to find support

Toko token gains 100% on Binance news. Here is the next potential price action

TKO/USDT Chart by TradingView

Technically, TKO is bullish but faces a correction. From the RSI indicator, a reading of 77 implies that TKO is overbought and a correction is on the horizon. 

The support lies at $0.34, giving bears a chance to push the cryptocurrency lower. The level was a breakout zone that was triggered as the price was pumped.

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Concluding thoughts

TKO faces further gains if the reports of the acquisition of Tokocrypto get confirmed by Binance. However, currently, investors face a correction.

If you are looking to buy the token, the level to keep an eye on is $0.34. Also, monitor the developments around the token, as positive news can trigger sharp rises before reaching support.

Where to buy TKO 


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