Tron Price Gains Over 8% in Renewed Bullish Push

With so much cryptocurrency market momentum to keep an eye on, money can be earned or lost fairly quickly. Today offers a bit of a mixed bag in terms of markets rising and declining in quick succession. While Bitcoin remains rather bullish,  the Tron price is one of the biggest rises of today. A very impressive trend, albeit one that may be difficult to sustain.

Tron Price Continues its Uptrend

It is always good to see crypto markets resume their promising momentum after an action-packed weekend. While weekends are never indicative as to what the rest of the week will bring, it seems Tron’s momentum was right on the money. Contrary to many people’s expectations, the TRX value shows no signs of declining.

Over the past 24 hours, the Tron price has gained another 8.75% to rise to $0.031114. There is also a 7.43% gain in TRX/BTC, which pushes that value to just under 600 Satoshi. Both trends are very impressive in this regard, as they are sustained by over $752m worth of trading volume. As such, a reversal seems rather unlikely at this time.

As one would come to expect, there is a rather positive attitude toward Tron brewing across social media. CryptoYeshe, for example, remains convinced Tron is going for the lead. That means it should overtake Bitcoin at some point, which is nigh impossible. However, there is a chance the price will remain in the green for some time to come, albeit that will primarily depend on Bitcoin’s momentum.

A similar sentiment is echoed by GuiCryptoGui, although this user is seemingly trying to provoke a reaction first and foremost. Asking where the Tron haters are will always draw some unwanted attention, although there is some merit to this attitude as well. It seems a lot of hate toward Tron has disappeared in recent weeks, which is rather unusual.

For those interested in dealing with the TRX chart, the market can still swing either way without any real problems. Crypto Tone expects a push to $0,05 to materialize fairly soon, which would result in a near 65% price increase. Not entirely impossible, but not all that realistic either.

When looking at the big picture, the markets mainly flash bullish signals as this new week commences. It is certainly possible some altcoins, tokens, r assets will face bearish pressure, although it should not result in any serious losses. For Tron, turning $0.03 into a support level will be the first order of business. If that is done successfully there may be a sustainable uptrend in its future.

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Disclaimer: This is not trading or investment advice. The above article is for entertainment and education purposes only. Please do your own research before purchasing or investing into any cryptocurrency.


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