What is the IOTA Academy?

It is pertinent for individual cryptocurrency projects to keep evolving. Especially when it comes to getting more developers excited about certain ecosystems, no efforts should be spared. The IOTA Foundation has recently unveiled its IOTA Academy., which is designed to accelerate the development of this ecosystem There are also three different course formats to choose from, which is rather interesting.

The IOTA Academy has Arrived

As the name somewhat suggests, the IOTA Academy will serve a very specific purpose. It is the new go-to place for aspiring developers who want to get involved in this ecosystem accordingly. Additionally, there will be numerous online training options, combined with blended training courses for those who prefer that option.  While this may seem like a developer-oriented venture first and foremost, that is not necessarily the case whatsoever.

According to the official blog post, it seems there will be a list of additional training exercises for non-coders as well. It is always pertinent for projects to attract as many people as possible, including those who do not necessarily have the coding skills required at this time. The IOTA Academy will seemingly target students, enthusiasts, and even corporate project managers. How successful this venture will be, remains to be determined.

Somewhat Controversial Pricing Structure

Unlike some of the other cryptocurrency and blockchain projects, the courses provided by IOTA Academy will not come free of charge. This particular aspect will undoubtedly get some people irritated, although the information is provided in collaboration with the IOT1 Academy. As such, the course material has its own price tag. It might not necessarily seem all that affordable to some, although those prices may come down over time.

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The purchased courses come in digital form and can be accessed through a dedicated Multi Device Learning App. This application works on desktop and mobile, allowing enthusiasts to access the material whenever they want and through any device. A rather interesting approach, although it is evident the IOTA Foundation is dedicated to making this new venture a long-term success.

Different Course Formats

To make this project more appealing, the IOTA Academy will offer three types of course formats. The main option is digital-only, with content being made accessible through the app only. It is a six-week online training course, but one that won’t allow participants to contact anyone for help. This seems to cater more toward experienced developers. For those who want to contact trainers, the Blended training option might be worth exploring. It also offers challenges and practical tasks to make the course a lot more interactive.

Last but not least, there is a Blended Seminar option. It includes the same as Blended training, but also offers on-site seminars in Berlin through a three-day course. This option is also available to international users, as the necessary arrangements can be made in the process. All of the participants will receive a certificate of attendance, which will be visible on the Tangle.  Students can also get officially IOTA Developer certified if they choose to explore that option.

Disclaimer: This is not trading or investment advice. The above article is for entertainment and education purposes only. Please do your own research before purchasing or investing into any cryptocurrency.


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